Welcome To CLOMPS!!

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Welcome To CLOMPS!!

Post by Admin on Tue May 26, 2015 7:32 pm

Welcome to CLOMPS! The Classical League of Modern Poets Society!

Your participation is anticipated as we kick off what will hopefully grow to be a potent and thriving poetic community. You are welcome to invite your friends to join us, just send them a link!

We will keep a regular monthly schedule. We will debut an assignment on the first of each month. Each assignment will have it's own sub-thread. We will then have two weeks to create a poem that fulfills the criteria of the assignment and then spend as much time as we want critiquing each others poems.

Within each round, submit your poems by posting a new topic with a link to a hosted version of your poem or with the poem directly in the topic. DO NOT UPLOAD FILES! I suggest using http://pastebin.com/ if you decide to go the hosted route.
Post critiques and rewrites as a reply to the topic which holds the poem you are responding to. This will allow for a structured, easily reviewable, and coherent discussion.

Thank you for being a part of CLOMPS and we look forward to workshopping with you!


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